2019 Summer Festival Artists


Below is a list of musicians that appeared at Festival Mozaic in 2019. Updates for the 2020 Festival season will be posted here.


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Violin   Viola   Cello   Bass   Flute   Oboe/English Horn   Clarinet   Bassoon   

Horn   Trumpet   Harp/Percussion  Keyboard  Guitar/Bandoneón








Erik Arvinder

Vamlingbo Quartet


Steven Copes

St. Paul Chamber Orchestra


Clinton Dewing

Jacksonville Symphony


Aurelia Duca

Principal Second Violin
Jacksonville Symphony


Rolf Haas

St. Paul Chamber Orchestra


Abigel Kralik

Kovner Fellow, Juilliard School


Grace Park

First Place
Naumburg Violin Competition


Grace Seng

San Luis Obispo Symphony


Elly Suh

International Prize Winner


Jason Uyeyama

La Sierra University


Anthony Wong

Hong Kong Baptist University


Jisun Yang

Assistant Concertmaster
San Diego Symphony Orchestra

Scott Yoo

Music Director
Festival Mozaic










Maurycy Banaszek

East Coast Chamber Orchestra


Michael Casimir

St. Louis Symphony



Jessica Chang

Chamber Music by the Bay


Caitlin Lynch

Aeolus Quartet


Jessica Oudin

Atlanta Symphony Orchestra









Andrew Hayhurst

San Diego Symphony Orchestra

Jonah Kim

Founding Member
Ensemble San Francisco


Sophie Shao

University of Connecticut

Dariusz Skoraczewski

Baltimore Symphony Orchestra

Brian Thornton

Cleveland Orchestra







Double Bass


Susan Cahill

Colorado Symphony Orchestra

Robert Franenberg

Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra








Alice K. Dade

University of Missouri


Marcia McHugh

Baltimore Symphony Orchestra







Oboe/English Horn


Xiaodi Liu

Atlanta Symphony Orchestra


Cassie Pilgrim

St. Paul Chamber Orchestra



Robert Walters

English Horn
Cleveland Orchestra










Michael Fine

Grammy Award-Winning Producer


Anton Rist

Metropolitan Opera Orchestra









Conrad Cornelison

Jacksonville Symphony


Lisa Nauful

San Luis Obispo Symphony


Fei Xie

Minnesota Orchestra









Young Kim

St. Louis Symphony


Kaitlyn Resler

Florida Orchestra


Avery Roth-Hawthorne

Alumni, Juilliard School


Paul Stevens

University of Kansas









Jack Brndiar

Cleveland Chamber Symphony


Michael Tiscione

Associate Principal
Atlanta Symphony Orchestra









Harp, Timpani and Percussion


Meredith Clark

Principal Harp
Oakland Symphony


Shannon Wood

Principal Timpani
St. Louis Symphony


Scott Higgins

Colorado Ballet Orchestra

Michael Roberts

Assistant Principal Percussion
Oregon Symphony


Kevin Schlossman

Portland Opera









Noam Elkies

Harvard University


Susan Grace

Colorado College


John Novacek

Grammy Award Nominee


Christopher Shih

Pianist & Physician







Guitar & Bandoneón​


Robert Belinić

Soloist & Chamber Artist


Adrian Jost

Trio Garufa