Mission, Vision, Values




Through performances in San Luis Obispo County's many diverse venues, and by providing multiple points of entry into the world of classical music, Festival Mozaic deepens the experience for its participants. Our programs provide access to the art form through professional performances by outstanding visiting artists, outreach, education, dialogue, and content creation.



Festival Mozaic is a vital community asset that provides a premier destination music experience unique to San Luis Obispo County, appealing to a wide-ranging demographic by enriching and transforming the way people hear  and interact with classical music.



At Festival Mozaic, we, the board, staff, and volunteers, pledge to:

I. Embrace Artistic Excellence and Elevate the Experience

-Bring the highest quality live classical music to the Central Coast

-Highlight the works of eclectic, young composers as well traditional ones

-Present emerging and culturally diverse classically-trained artists in both chamber and “unclassical” musical performances

-Choose unique, high value, historical, cultural, intimate venues for performances 

-Enrich concert presentations with information, dialogue and storytelling

-Refresh the repertoire (music, composers, performers and venues) annually in order to cultivate new and repeat attendees

II. Be Involved in the Cultural Community At Large 

-Showcase the lifestyle of the Central Coast (unique venues, scenery, food and wine) alongside the music

- Design programs and activities in a manner that provides multiple points of entry to the Festival and the art form

-Create and curate multiple ways to experience the festival while building a relationship between its audience, the musicians and the organization

-Act as a leader within the Central Coast arts community, participate in the state and national arts conversation

-Provide music education programs to public schools and other educational institutions

-Design opportunities for visiting musicians to interact with the Central Coast Community


III. Be Good Stewards

-Maintain financial stability year to year

-Refine audience and fundraising strategies to fit with changing demographics and evolving participation styles

-Build and retain inclusivity and diversity in professional staff, board, and volunteers

-Strategically enhance and strengthen the festival’s administrative infrastructure in a financially sustainable manner 


IV. Make Serious Music Seriously Fun

-Celebrate the way that music brings people together
- Be joyful and festive in addition to being smart and strategic.



Each summer and throughout the year in the heart of California’s Central Coast, Festival Mozaic brings together music lovers to enjoy premier concerts and related events in a festive and stimulating atmosphere. The Festival was founded in 1971 to honor the composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, whose influence lives on in the mosaic of classical music, composers, and performers. More than just a series of concerts, the Festival is an immersive experience, where the music is elevated by the backdrop of beautiful San Luis Obispo County. The Festival’s venues are intrinsic to the identity of the Festival, and the scenic beauty and lifestyle of the Central Coast is celebrated along with the art form of classical music.