Film: Earl

Film: Earl

July 26, 2024 - 2:00 PM

Earl Kim is an American composer who was born into abject poverty. As a child, music transformed his life. He learned the keyboard from a church organist and later studied with a Los Angeles composer and teacher free of charge for seven years. He went on to study with some of the great modern composers of the era including Arnold Schoenberg. Earl was drafted in 1941 and served his country as a US Army Air Force Combat Intelligence Officer. He flew fifty feet above Nagasaki one day after the atom bomb was dropped. Earl returned home and stood up to McCarthyism refusing to sign the Loyalty Oath. He taught at Princeton for 15 years, and Harvard for 23 years. He made an album with the violinist Itzhak Perlman. Earl Kim died at the age of 78 never fully achieving recognition for his brilliant work as a composer. Until now.

Earl Kim was also one of Scott Yoo's teachers at Harvard University. His piece Where Grief Slumbers will be performed on the chamber music concert later on Friday, July 26.

There is a suggested donation of $10 per ticket.

About the filmmaker, Ty Kim:

A multiple Emmy Award-winning storyteller, Ty Kim worked with Mike Wallace and Ed Bradley at CBS News/60 Minutes for years specializing in hard news, investigative journalism. His credits as an Associate Producer, Co-Producer, and Producer number over 50 pieces for the broadcast. His work has brought him to North Korea, Bosnia and many locations around the world. Ty earned the National Edward R. Murrow Award, nine Golden Mics, the Associated Press Award for California and many other awards. His production company WOLFTONE LLC develops and produces feature films, scripted streaming content, documentary feature films, and content.

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